Below is a comprehensive list of the types of products we stock, along with the reputable manufacturers we partner with to ensure you have access to the items you require. If you find that you need something not currently listed on our site for your construction project, please reach out to us. We can assist with most construction products from any of the listed manufacturers. Contact us today!

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Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid is a one-part, moisture-curing sealant that uses Pecora’s innovative hybrid STPU technology. This technology combines the best features of silicone and urethane sealants, resulting in a sealant that is suitable for dynamic joints. Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid adheres strongly to both porous and non-porous surfaces, such as concrete, metal, glass, and wood. It cures into a low modulus rubber that can accommodate joint movement of ±50%, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. Dynatrol® I-XL Field Tintable Hybrid (FTH) has all the advantages and uses of Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid but with the added flexibility to produce virtually any color using Pecora’s Universal Color Pack System and state of the art color matching services.