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Product Type


Emseal Thermaflex

A parking deck expansion joint system, Thermaflex consists of extruded thermoplastic-rubber sealing glands with punched flanges embedded in a high-strength, flexible, impact-absorbing elastomeric concrete nosing material (Emcrete).

The thermoplastic-rubber sealing glands are heat-weldable, making transitions through changes in direction and plane not only practical but watertight.

The elastomeric concrete is two-part polyurethane reinforced with silica sand and fiberglass. The silica sand and fiberglass aggregate provide compressive strength while preserving flexibility. The system is mounted in blockouts on each side of the joint-gap. The sealing gland is placed in the joint gap and the blockouts are filled with the elastomeric concrete which encapsulates the flanges. The nosing material flows through holes punched in the flanges thereby forming a row of “pillars” for secure fastening and load bearing. The system becomes integral with the deck as the nosing material develops a bond to the concrete.