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Emseal SJS-Seismic Joint System

A seismic expansion joint, the SJS System is watertight and features a trafficable cover plate that is not attached to the concrete deck. It is comprised of silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid components that ensure watertightness, absorb sound, dampen vibration and offer uncomplicated installation. Specify SJS-FR for all the benefits of SJS with the added life safety assurance of a built-in UL 2079 fire rating.

SJS is constructed from two precompressed hybrid foam sealants pre-assembled in parallel adjacent to a heavy-duty extruded aluminum spline. The spline acts as a receptor for attaching the surface-mounted traffic plates that bear vehicle and other loads. The result is a system that offers features and benefits not found in alternative products intended for large, horizontal structural joint gaps.

Unlike side-mounted coverplates, the SJS plate is not anchored into the concrete and will not loosen during load transfer and vertical deflection movement.

Watertight at the deck surface, the SJS System does not rely on gutters that hang under the joint. Water is thus not trapped where it must be managed away.