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Product Type


Emseal RoofJoint

A roof expansion joint, RoofJoint is a patented dual-seal, double-flanged, extruded thermoplastic rubber system for sealing expansion joints in roofs, plaza assemblies, green and vegetative roofs. Watertightness is achieved through positive integration with the roofing membrane and a purpose-designed system for transitioning between the joint in the roof and joints in walls.

The waterproofing element of most other bellows roof expansion joints is a looped membrane. The loop either hangs down into the joint or is humped up by means of a foam backing. Either way, looped bellows membranes don’t work well at the transition from the roof joint to wall joints and suffer from having only one layer of sealing.

Unique to RoofJoint is the double-level flange. This flange allows multi-layered, watertight integration with the roofing membrane. The lower flange is welded or adhered to the roof membrane alongside the joint opening. Termination bar and anchors mechanically lock the flange to the roof decking or blocking. The upper flange counterflashes the termination bar and underlying membrane ensuring that penetrations made by the attachment of the termination bar are completely sealed. The upper flange is further flashed to the roofing membrane by means of the roofing manufacturers’ standard flashing tape or by over-welding a strip of roofing.