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A plaza deck expansion joint, Migutan FP110 and FP155 are unique designs incorporating side membrane sheets which integrate with the deck waterproofing system to form a continuous, completely watertight system. For applications, particularly over occupied space, where totally watertight integration of expansion joint and deck membrane is a fundamental requirement. Application examples include hardscaped split-slab construction on plaza (podium) decks, split-slab parking decks, stadium concourses, and anywhere waterproofed split slab construction is specified. For applications with softscaped toppings (green roofs, garden roofs, under landscaping) see RoofJoint.

Highly configurable, using factory-fabricated transitions, to a multitude of field conditions, Migutan is the only system of its kind with a 20-year track record and tens of thousands of feet installed and functioning.

In contrast to buried joint-bridging membranes, Migutan ensures a static tie-in to the waterproofing membrane, isolates the pavers, concrete or other hardscaped wear course materials while accommodating movement in a purpose-designed, dual-seal seal.