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Product Type


Emseal Horizontal Colorseal

A horizontal expansion joint, Horizontal Colorseal ensures watertightness in structural, seismic, and abutment joints in non-trafficked decks of cast-in-place, precast or post-tensioned concrete. It combines a factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with a hydrophobic-acrylic-impregnated expanding foam sealant backing. It is watertight, odorless, clean handling, UV stable, non-staining, low temperature flexible, high-temperature stable.

Continuity of seal and continuity of thermal insulation throughout changes in plane and direction are hallmarks of Horizontal Colorseal. The product’s ability to maintain watertightness while handling curves and direction changes further sets it apart from rubber-and-rail strip seals. Horizontal Colorseal is positively secured at inside corners without invasive anchors.