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Emseal Emshield TFR-RWS

A fire-rated tunnel expansion joint, TFR-RWS is Sika Emseal’s Emshield material confirmed by testing, and additionally affirmed by engineering judgement to meet the requirements of specific tunnel fire rating scenarios including RWS.

Fire-retardant-impregnated foam is coated with a high grade sealant coating. The resulting composite is then factory compressed to less than its nominal size for installation into the joint gap. The system is installed into epoxy adhesive field-applied to the sides of the joint face and tunnel-lining fireproofing materials. A sealant band of supplied caulking fills voids in the substrate to bellows interface and completes the system. The tunnel-facing surface of the TFR-RWS is durable and resistant to typical tunnel-lining cleaning procedures.