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A fire rated seismic expansion joint, SJS-FR1 (1-hour rated) and SJS-FR2 (2-hour rated) provide a watertight, fire-rated, trafficable joint system. With SJS-FR One Install Does It All–Fire-Rated, Watertight, Traffic Bearing, 100% Movement, Quiet, Non-Invasive Anchoring, UL 2079 Certified for Decks and Floors.

SJS-FR features all of the performance advantages of the standard SJS System and adds the significant advancement of a built-in, UL-certified fire rating. SJS is comprised of silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid components that ensure watertightness, absorb sound, dampen vibration and offer uncomplicated, non-invasively-anchored installation.

Installed entirely from the deck surface, SJS-FR eliminates the complications of installing fire blankets from below the slab and is unencumbered by underslab mechanical and structural systems. SJS-FR is free of the complications of additionally lining fire blankets with gutters essential to keep the blanket dry and functional, and which then must be pitched and drained to plumbing to manage the water away.