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Emseal Colourseal VHE

A CE marked, EN-1366-4 tested, movement joint, Colourseal-VHE (Vertical Horizontal Europe) is a double-sided silicone-faced movement joint for European and other markets requiring CE marking. It is not available in North America. Certified by European Technical Assessment (ETA), Colourseal-VHE provides a water and air seal with 100% movement capability, thermal insulation, UV stability, and colour coordination with vertical or horizontal substrates. It performs these functions without invasive metal anchoring or complex field fabricated assemblies. In contrast to liquid-applied mastic sealants, Colourseal-VHE is free of tensile stresses at the substrate bond line. Colourseal-VHE provides a cost effective, long term watertight seal.

Colourseal-VHE combines a factory applied, low modulus silicone with an open cell polyurethane foam infused with a water-based, fire-retardant, acrylic dispersion. The coloured silicone facing is factory adhered to the infused foam on two sides at a width greater than the maximum anticipated joint extension, and is then cured. When compressed, the silicone facing forms a bellows profile capable of accommodating +/-50% (total 100%) movement from the product’s nominal size. The bellows fold, and unfold during movement virtually free of tensile stresses.

Colourseal-VHE is supplied precompressed to slightly less than its nominal size for ease of installation. To install sticks, clean the substrate walls, apply supplied epoxy adhesive to the substrates. After removing packing materials insert the Colourseal-VHE into the joint. After the Colourseal-VHE has expanded to fill the joint space and is adhered to the substrates, a field-applied silicone corner bead ensures a watertight seal at the substrate interface.