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Product Type: Single Component Application: Sausage/Cartridge Weight: to be confirmed Capacity: 10 oz. Cartridge, 10 oz. Sausage Mix-Ratio(s): non-applicable Features: Standard 10 oz. Sausage and 10.3 oz. Cartridge Pre-Configured for Sausage Application Plunger Included for Cartridge Application Mechanical Advantage 12:1 Switchable Flow Control Plunger Extension – Reduces Waste Wear Compensating Device Drawn Aluminum Barrel Interchangeable Pull Handle Quick Release End Cap All Component Replaceable Parts Includes Six White Cone Nozzles, Spare Sausage Plunger, Ladder Hook and Spanner Wrench Available with Clear Plastic Barrel – Model 51000-C Available with Hook Rod – Model 51000-H Available with Clear Plastic Barrel and Hook Rod – Model 51000-CH Available with 18:1 Mechanical Advantage – All Variants 400ml. Version Available – Model 51000-400 Available Without Switchable Flow Control