Below is a comprehensive list of the types of products we stock, along with the reputable manufacturers we partner with to ensure you have access to the items you require. If you find that you need something not currently listed on our site for your construction project, please reach out to us. We can assist with most construction products from any of the listed manufacturers. Contact us today!

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CCW MiraCLAY GM Bentonite Clay Waterproofing Membrane with a GeoMembrane Liner is a needle-punched, thermally reinforced composite comprised of a uniform layer of sodium bentonite clay that is sandwiched between a durable puncture-resistant non-woven geotextile and the slit film woven geotextile. The needle punched fibers are thermally fused to the woven geotextile to enhance the reinforcing bond and an HDPE film is applied to the woven surface to lower the hydraulic conductivity. MiraCLAY GM is designed for waterproofing below-grade structural slabs as well as construction methods incorporating lagging, concrete caisson or shotcrete retention walls. MiraCLAY GM is also very effective in rehab waterproofing and zero clearance property line construction.