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Fire Resist Barritech VP is a fluid-applied membrane made from inherently fire-resistant materials. Fire Resist Barritech VP is applied to exterior wall assemblies where it functions as an air barrier and a water-resistive barrier. Fire Resist Barritech VP is vapor-permeable – moisture vapor can diffuse directly through the membrane. Fire Resist Barritech VP can be applied over concrete block, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing, plywood, OSB and many other common building materials. The product is fully adhered to the substrate, flexible and rubber-like. Fire Resist Barritech VP is a single-component, air-drying product applied by spray or roller at nominal 0.040″ (40 mils) dry film thickness. The high film thickness and flexible, elastic properties enable Fire Resist Barritech VP to bridge cracks and seal around penetrations, which creates a truly continuous, monolithic air and water barrier.