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1200 Series B-Line Manual Multi-Component Cartridge Gun 600x300ml (2:1) Capacity 600 x 300 ml Drive Manual Line B-Line Mix Ratio 2:1 Nozzle Type Pressure 111 Special Applications Thrust 900 B-Line Multi-Component Dispensing Gun with smooth & powerful 26:1 drive ratio: Handles twin 600 X 300ml twin side-by-side cartridges. Albion’s legendary Double Gripping Plates and steel trigger means increased durability. Best for crack injection, adhesive installation and bolt setting. Thin or Thicker materials. Albion’s adjustment screw technology means increased life of the gun – as the tool wears you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion.Two-Component Acrylics, Urethanes and Epoxies. Top load. Legendary Albion design and quality make this tool a leader in value.