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1/10 Gallon Special Deluxe Manual Cartridge Gun w/ Plated Metal Carriage Capacity 1/10 Gallon Carriage Type Skeleton Drive Manual Line Special Deluxe Mix Ratio Nozzle Type Pressure 120 Special Applications Thrust 375 Legendary Special Deluxe Drive with 5/16″ thick square rod – rotate 4 times for longer life Double gripping plate technology Quality zinc chromate plating for long rust proof life Concealed puncture wire – no mess on hands Maintain your investment: replace rod, gripping plates, recoil plate, ejector, pull, springs, etc. as they wear recoil hook for optional drip-free operation Powerful enough for any material packaged in 1K cartridges; Silicone, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Butyl, Terpolymers, MS, etc.